September 2017

Great review by Martin Haslam in Uber Rock for the recent The Dowling Poole gig a Bedford Esquires. Photo by Alex Grady. Listen before you buy here!


December 2016 – live reviews

Live reviews, The Forum, Kentish Town, 17 December 2016, by My Global Mind and Über Rock.

September 2016

Recent reviews for our album ‘One Hyde Park’.

Nordic Music Review writes: “One Hyde Park – a riotous offbeat pop album, packed full of complex instrumentation, big tunes and interesting lyrics.”

Echos and Dust writes: “In summary, 2016 has been a really shitty year for all kinds of reasons, One Hyde Park gives you twelve perfectly presented pop packages that will make you feel better. This is totally necessary in these times. You never know, perhaps one day somebody will burn down the One Hyde Park building, or better yet turn it into accommodation for refugees. It’s worth fighting for and The Dowling Poole have supplied the battle hymns. Buy a copy.”

Power of Pop review below.


Live reviews May 2016

We very much enjoyed playing live as a full electric band in May Check out reviews in Über Rock,  The Shonk and Get Ready To Rock. The photo below was taken by Ila Desai at the Borderline in London. More live photos here and on our Facebook page.

The Dowling Poole live at The Borderline May 2016 PHOTO Ila Desai

‘One Hyde Park’ reviews and radio play – updated 7 May 2016

Our new album ‘One Hyde Park’ entered the UK Indie Breakers chart at number 13. The album has received a number of glowing reviews.

“Dowling and Poole continue to hit every button that matters; there has to be a place for beautiful music like this. One of the albums of this or any other year.” 10 out of 10 – Powerplay Magazine

“It’s a great pop rock record – don’t miss out.” 4 1/2 out of 5 – The Sun

“A Uniquely brilliant creation from a breezily talented pair” – 9 out of 10 – Classic Rock

“Full of buoyant, melodic swot-rock smarts.” – Mojo

“We definitively have and early contender for the Album Of The Year award with this ‘un” – 4 1/2 out of 5 – Pure Rawk

“This is likely to be my Album of the Summer” – Überrock

“Think Sparks, XTC, Queen, Beach Boys… think latter day Beatles… think quirky, a little crazy, but certainly catchier than the Novovirus” – Fireworks Magazine

“I love the vibes of The Dowling Poole. Fun-filled, energised and youthful. It feels like they are being the best part of themselves on this. It’s honest.” – Fresh On the Net

“Quirky, clever and incredibly catchy” – Vive Le Rock

“This is an intense, adrenalin blast of a roller-coaster ride of an album and I bloody love it.”   9.5/10 – Outline Magazine

“One of the best pop albums you’ll hear all year” 4 1/2 out of 5 – Get Ready To Rock

“You’ll appreciate every “ba-ba” and pop culture witticism. Highly Recommended”. 8 out of 10. – Powerpopaholic

“It’s got an undeniably quirky edge that reminds me of XTC or some of Blur’s better Brit Pop moments” – Sonic Breakfast

“A superior slice of whimsical psych pop reminiscent of XTC’S alter ego The Dukes of Stratosphere with a dash of late 60’s Bowie thrown in for good measure.” – The Devil’s Tuna

”Yet another example of what Willie Dowling and Jon Poole do so very well: mix the past with the present as they point to the future. “Rebecca Receiving” is an undeniably catchy art-pop explosion drinking from a well overflowing with Stiff and Godley and Creme-isms.” – Pure Pop Radio

Tom Robinson picked ‘Rebecca Receiving’ as one of his ‘Fresh Faves’ on Mixtape, BBC Radio 6Music and has continued to play it over the last few weeks. The single has also picked up radio play on numerous radio stations including TeamRock, Planet Rock Radio, BBC Radio Scotland, BRFM, Fab Radio International, Get Ready To Rock, Pure Pop Radio and Power Pop Stew.

TDP review logos updated 24 April 2016

Reviews for our debut album “Bleak Strategies”.

TDP reviews Bleak Strategies vers 2 Feb 10th 2016

“Manically upbeat and almost cartoonish, this piece of psychedelic Britpop is brilliantly trippy.” 4/5
“A Kiss On the Ocean” Single review – The Sun

“When we reviewed the Dowling Poole’s album Bleak Strategies, we were effusive in our praise: “Flawless and exhilarating, this demands to be the soundtrack to all of our waking summer dreams,” we said. Think XTC rugby-tackling the Kinks. Think harmonies. Think sun-kissed psyche-pop. Bonus points for rhyming ‘today’ with ‘José’.”
“A Kiss On the Ocean” Single review – Classic Rock

“A classic British rock album heavy on power pop smarts ****”
Album Review – Mojo Magazine

“Some of these melodies and harmonies are so huge it’s an insult to call them earworms. Ear pythons – that’ll do. 4.5/5”
Album Review – The Sun

“Flawless and exhilarating, this demands to be the soundtrack to all of our waking summer dreams. 8/10”
Album Review – Classic Rock Magazine

“This album is just fantastic, much in the same way as A Night At The Opera and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club are. Genius really does border on madness! 10/10”
Album Review –

“Two very talented multi-instrumentalists with differing onstage personas collaborating on an album that is complex and open, up-front and ambiguous”
Album Review – Louder Than War

“think Barrett-era Floyd fused with some of The Beatles’ more experimental moments, some stupendously great vocal harmonies à la The Beach Boys, a sprinkling of Jefferson Airplane et al… 9/10”
Album Review – Metal Discovery

“As a thank you to Pledgers, The Dowling Poole put on a free acoustic set at the ‘intimate’ 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street, London. Think ‘your lounge’ but smaller. And sweatier. But nice all the same.”
Live Review – Louder Than War

“The Dowling Poole – Saving It All For A Saturday It’s “Kinda Squeeze-ish weirdo pop – in a good way”, says Classic Rock’s assistant features editor. To be frank, Squeeze-ish weirdo pop sounds pretty good whatever way you spin it. Especially when you throw in a smidgen of The Cardiacs.”
Track of The Week – Classic Rock Magazine

“Bleak Strategies is a psychedelic power pop experience which blasts you with aural sunshine goodness. Superbly produced and with fantastically written and performed songs, this should be the soundtrack to your summer. 4.5/5”
Album Review – Pure Rawk

“Your album of the year has arrived! 4.5/5”
Album Review – Get Ready To Rock

“This is an essential “do-not-miss” album, that makes my top ten list for 2014, 9/10”
Album Review – Powerpopaholic

“If you’re looking for some of the best Pop, Rock, gently Progressive shimmers of melody strewn lovely lewdness, Bleak Strategies is all of them rolled into some of the best songwriting you could hope for. Go get it. Now”
Album Review – Sea Of Tranquility