New video for ‘Push Repeat’

The amazing new video for ‘Push Repeat’ is now live! Check out the full video on Youtube

About the video:

We took a bit of a punt on the video. A chap I’d not met before called Sam Riddlestone contacted us from Australia. He’d just heard ‘REFUSE’ and really liked it so he sent us a showreel of his video work and offered to make a video for ‘The Hand Moved’. I got back to him saying that we thought that ’The Hand Moved’ had probably already had all the coverage it was going to get at that point, so he sent me back a thirty-second taster of video ideas that he’d done for ‘Push Repeat’. We were really impressed with the originality of his style and he’d entirely got the concept and story of the song, so we agreed to push ahead, and this is what he came back to us with which we’re really happy with.

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‘REFUSE’ available now

‘REFUSE’, the new album from The Dowling Poole is available now, on CD and digital download.

The album features the ‘digital only’ tracks we have occasionally released for short periods of time, that many of you have asked us to make available on a physical format. These tracks have been carefully remixed and remastered, and all are sounding better than they ever have. There are also some half-remembered thoughts and recollections (from Willie) and some actual facts and concise recalls (from Jon) included in the CD liner notes. As a bonus, there are also a couple of brand new unreleased tracks.

‘REFUSE’ is available to order on CD and digital download from Bandcamp and is streaming on your favourite platform.