The Saccharine Drip – new video

19 August 2021

Our new single ‘The Saccharine Drip’ was released a couple of weeks ago, and today the video for the song has gone live on YouTube. Willie and Jon filmed their parts in different locations in the UK and France, with animation and production by David and Scott at 12 Inch Media.

We would appreciate your support by watching and then sharing the YouTube video with your friends, and on social media. It’s worth repeating. Share. Please. Then share again. And ‘thank you’ for doing so.

Aside from YouTube, ‘The Saccharine Drip’ is available to download from BandcampApple MusiciTunes and you can also listen to it on Spotify.

Please keep an eye out for our next newsletter in a couple of weeks time, when we’ll tell you all about our upcoming new album ‘REFUSE’. The album will be released in October and will feature our ‘digital only’ releases and some unreleased tracks that were recorded between 2014 and 2019.

New single: The Saccharine Drip

Cover art for The Dowling Poole single The Saccharine Drip

Our new song ‘The Saccharine Drip’ is available on Bandcamp. ‘The Saccharine Drip’ features guest appearances from Victoria Liedtke on backing vocals and Darby Todd guests on drums.
‘The Saccharine Drip’ was recorded in different locations in the UK and France.

Be There – new video

Talented film maker Scott Kennedy has made a brilliant video for our new single Be There which is now live on Youtube here.

Please watch it then share it. Or share it and then watch it, the choice is yours and we all know choice is the most important thing in the world. Apparently.

This song is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon the links for which can be found here.

For those wishing to purchase the track, you can find downloads available directly from our Bandcamp page.

New single: Slow Genocide

The Dowling Poole release a new song on Friday the 5th of March for Bandcamp Friday.  ‘Slow Genocide’ features special guest vocalist Tony Wright, who is well known as the frontman of Terrorvision, Laika Dog and his highly regarded solo albums.

Drummer extraordinaire Darby Todd guests on drums. Darby’s recently played with Martin Barr (Jethro Tull), The Darkness and Kee Marcello (Europe) and featured on the recent The Dowling Poole song ‘We Are The Noise’.

“The extraordinary circumstances of lockdown that we have all faced, with it’s various inconsistencies and appalling governmental incompetence and obfuscation, made us think that a voice of authenticity was needed for this song”, says Willie Dowling. “At that time I saw a couple of tweets by Tony Wright that reminded me he had the perfect voice and similar sensibilities to us – I was imagining him doing it as it was being written – so we were thrilled when he agreed to guest with us. And of course the ability to effortlessly mix drumming styles made Darby the ideal drummer for this track, and we’re hoping we might work together a great deal more in the future.”

‘Slow Genocide’ was recorded in different locations in the UK and France.

“Recording in different locations has it’s challenges, and is much more time consuming since we’re continually sending WAV’s backwards and forwards just to keep on top of it all”, says Jon Poole. “Whereas face to face in the studio, Willie and I already have an unwritten shorthand as part of our process, so it’s an infinitely quicker way of working. That said, we cannot sit around forever and the end result is a track that we’re every bit as proud of as any of our other work, so I’d call it a success!”

‘Slow Genocide’ is available for £1 from Bandcamp, released Friday 5th of March on Bandcamp Friday, which is one of the special days that the music platform waives their fees and artists get to keep 100% of all sales. 

The Trump Chronicles EP

To mark a welcome end to an era The Dowling Poole are releasing a five track EP of downloadable tracks. As the title suggests, The Trump Chronicles are all songs on the subject of the idiot tyrant Donald Trump, that stretch from a time predating Trump’s initial run for President, right up until today. All five tracks for just £1. Available at this link.

‘Deep Breath’ – out now!

A big thank you to everyone who sent us footage to be used in our new video ‘Deep Breath’ which is now available to watch on Youtube here

You can also download the track for free from Bandcamp here

See You See Me – out now

The Dowling Poole - See You See Me cover art

The new album from The Dowling Poole, See You See Me, is out now.

Stream or buy the album here.